Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Hats

I finished these two hats for my boys in January.  Of course living in the southeastern United States leaves one little opportunity to wear hats. My kids have worn their winter coats a week at most so far.  I used my Root for the Team pattern as a starting point, but the logos were a bit fiddly.  Since I didn't repeat the logos around the hat like the pattern calls for, I couldn't use stranded knitting techniques.  Somehow, I was still able to knit in one piece with a little stranding, a little intarsia, and some tricky wrap and turns. 

Seneca's hat has black embroidery to add the last color

Alden's logo is a little wrinkled at the top because of the size of the S.
If you are interested in trying to make these hats please let me know.  If I get enough interest I might write an adendum to the pattern on how I did this.

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