Friday, February 17, 2012

Too Big for My Brioche Britches

Last night while watching Grey's Anatomy and knitting merrily along, I noticed I had crossed a cable incorrectly on my Brioche Stole.  I had  crossed the cables while driving through the carpool line to pickup my son at school.  Literally, a winding stop and go line through a huge parking lot to pick up kids.  I knit the whole time on the long straight stretches and when stopped.  I do stop on the 180 degree turns you have to take every so often, but until now, thought I was being pretty efficient.

Take a look a the middle cable cross over.  It has four blue knit columns between the two columns that branch off to the left and right.  It's supposed to have two.  Don't look too closely or even too far ahead in the pictures because you might catch something I didn't.

No problem.  I'm getting really good at Brioche. I can rip back 8 working rows (or 4 brioche rows) and repair it.  Check out my mom's groovy dpn needle from the seventies.

Here I am almost done with the repair.  And I did this with two annoying little boys trying to make conversation with me.  I bribed them with my favorite black cherry sodas to be quiet, but it wasn't very effective.

Voil√†!  Crickets.....Damn.  All three cables on the left were wrong in the first place.  Now apparent from the six blue knit columns between cable crossovers #2 and #3.  There are supposed to be four.

This is what happens when you get too big for you Brioche Britches.

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