Friday, February 10, 2012

To Begin With

I have made a big decision to change from WordPress to Blogger because it is FREE and easier to understand.  Until I sell a lot more knitting patterns and/or win the lottery I have to do what makes financial sense.  I have also decided to include my musing on my other big hobby which is endurance racing.  Anything that includes cycling, running, swimming, orienteering, and being outdoors.  You name it, I will try it.  And just to make it interesting, maybe I can throw in a few parenting tips.  Who knows. I could end up being some famous Mommy Blogger. 

This is me, Jean Miller, mom of two little boys who loves to knit, ride bikes, and ponder life in the milli-second before she falls asleep after an exhausting day of living.


  1. Hello Jean, I really like the scarf you are wearing in the above picture.

    You said to write to you if I would like to have the Feather and Fan Cowl knitting pattern.

    I sure would like to try it....thank you , Jean

  2. Are you L1zz1eBeth from Ravelry? The scarf in this picture is 2-Color Under Dutch Skies Brioche Stole by Nancy Merchant. This is a very complicated pattern. My Feather and Fan Cowl is being re-written and would be condidered a much simpler pattern.

  3. will you send the feather and fan pattern after
    it has been re written?

    thank you