Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am delighted to introduce Inflection, recently published in Knitty.

Originally, it was named Caterpillar because of it's resemblance to the children's book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

Ultimately, Inflection seemed more in line with how everyone is naming their patterns these days.  Named for the mathematical definition of the point at which a curved line changes from concave to convex, Inflection is a lovely curved scarf that can sometimes look like a shawlette. It can be worked with any weight yarn or needle, but the pattern is written for laceweight yarn which adds a terrific lightness to scarf.

Ruched short rows create dense gussets that curve the scarf in one direction or another. Bi-directional gussets and wedges of these gussets can be varied to create different shapes and lengths. I have been playing with rushed gussets for a while, originally hoping to put them in a skirt.  However, I am delighted with how this turned out and hope to get a lot more people knitting it because of it's size.  I am also hoping some folks get creative and make different shapes with the paper wedge method I included in the instructions.  Can't wait to see what people share on Ravelry.  I like to imagine a long randomly curving scarf emulating an aerial photo of a large winding river.

Another great experience with a popular online publisher, but I must say I was jinxed when it came to photography.  Knitty requires you to supply your own photos and my nemesis was the wind.  Scarves and wind don't go together very well.  Insert curse words here.  You will notice three models in the pattern itself because I took pictures at the Outer Banks of North Carolina as well as here in Georgia.  I should have expected it to be windy on the coast.  Then back here in Georgia I found a lovely spot to re-shoot the pictures and ended up with another windy outing.  Fortunately, the editors at Knitty were able to make something out of all my pictures.


We moved away from the water and still had wind.

Arranged the scarf differently and got lucky on a shot.

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