Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

For my birthday I squeezed in a little race before going out of town with the family for spring vacation.  I participated in the Blankets Creek Dirty Duathlon, in Canton GA. 

Before the Duathlon

Here I am with some of my fellow Sorella Cycling friends....all faster than me. Maybe it will rub off on me. I kept Linda and Amy in my sights during most of the run, but Julia was way gone. Later, I saw the flash of a Sorella jersey during the biking section, but after I took a major spill I was sore and a little disheartened. The course was one of the tougher I have raced in the Atlanta area and as I age I definitely get a little more cautious. In the end, I finished about 10-15 minutes behind the winner (Julia) and second in my age class, so all in all a nice birthday present. 

Post Race

And I just finished up a submission to Knitty First Fall with two of these three yarns.  It was a squeeze to finish it up since I decided to submit about three weeks before the deadline.  I can't wait to share whether the design makes it or not.  I finished the photography at the beach and had one day to get it done.  Probably the most stressful part because of the wind and limited lighting.

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